Green beans are little known for their health benefits. They have beta-carotene, silicon, low carbs and surprisingly a good amount of protein. Green beans have many health benefits. One cup of green beans has only 44 calories. But they pack a punch when it comes to being good for the body. Green beans help to control type 2 diabetes. It also helps prevent high blood pressure and other chronic heart diseases. It also prevents inflammatory diseases and is great for bone health.

Key Takeaways:

  • Green beans are perhaps the most versatile type of leguminous vegetable known to man.
  • Short preparation time preserves the much greater nutritional value of lean vegetables than prolonged exposure to excessive heat.
  • WHFoods plays a lead role that goes far past basic standards to investigate the best ways to feed more bodies healthier foods at less cost, great taste, and no waste!

“We like to think about Green Beans as a “crossover” food that can provide you with some of the great benefits that are usually reserved for legumes, as well as many equally strong benefits that are more closely associated with vegetables”

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