Sometimes you are up late at night and craving a brownie, but don’t really have the time to temper chocolate and get something like this ready. This recipe fixed that through a process known as blooming cocoa. The cocoa is added to a warm liquid, either water or milk, mixed until smooth and left to rise. This makes a faux chocolate sauce that you can add to the brownie batter. This recipe is fairly easy, but caution on the steps. They need to be followed to the letter in order to work.

Key Takeaways:

  • The secret to making these brownies is blooming the cocoa or adding it to warm liquid and letting it sit
  • The bloomed liquid acts like melted chocolate and gives it a strong chocolate flavor without tempering
  • The ingredients must be added in order or the whole recipe will be off.

“Some baking experts like Alice Medrich and Dorie Greenspan love cocoa powder brownies and mix their cocoa powder with oil. I took their advice, and kicked it up a bit by warming the oil and using it to bloom the cocoa.”

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