Madeleines evoke a gentile imagery. They were Proust’s obsession with their buttery delectableness and they’ll be yours too with this mocha chocolate chip recipe. Like all madeleine, you’ll need that quintessential pan and of course butter. This recipe, thanks to its mocha hit, also requires instant coffee, something most homes don’t have, like the pan. You’ll also need to temper chocolate so you can dip the finished products in. Finish this recipe and you’ll see why Proust loved them so much.

Key Takeaways:

  • The little creases in the madeleine allow for chocolate to easily coat them
  • The recipe calls for copious amounts of butter to make it properly
  • You will need a special pan to make the particular shape of these cookies

“The chocolate madeleines are infused with instant coffee powder and studded with chocolate chips, so they’re bursting with flavor in every bite.”

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